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We are a non-profit organization that aims to give the boy child the best opportunity to excel in today’s society.

The King's Crown Trust Foundation

The King’s Crown Trust Foundation was established in August 2018 with its mission to provide our young men with the necessary resources and tools to achieve their full potential and contribute constructively to our society.

This noble initiative was born out of the desire to give the boy child the best opportunity to excel in today’s society. Society expects so much from men in perpetuity, but we consciously or unconsciously do not equip them with the right tools to achieve their best or meet up with these expectations. We believe in the importance of supporting the girl child, but we also believe it is imperative to also provide guidance to the boy child, in order to build a successful nation.

We run a number of projects aimed at giving young boys and men a forum to engage with mentors, provide a platform for them to network and enhance their entrepreneurial and leadership skills in their various vocations and to the most deserving offer Scholarships to pursue their dreams.

The Young Achievers Fund is a trust fund set up to assist our young men in furthering their education or acquiring a skill/vocation, through an apprenticeship program or going on to higher education to attain the necessary qualifications.

Our Princes’ Initiative is focused on boys aged 5 – 12 years, as we believe it is never too young to provide the proper orientation and instil strong beliefs in their capabilities towards achieving their best, while our Father’s Day events are always a resounding success with the boys, as the team building sessions and various competitions enable our boys to showcase their numerous talents and strive to succeed.

At The King’s Crown Trust Foundation we believe that the boy child if given the necessary tools, resources and opportunities can excel beyond their wildest dreams and can only be limited by their imaginations.

We hope you will be part of this success story and support our young men in their quest for excellence!

The King’s Crown Trust Foundation

“Let’s Raise King’s!”

Our Mission

The bridge, guiding and providing the necessary support for our young men to excel in their various fields, by providing the tools and resources necessary in their journey.

Our Strategy

We work together to provide support to young men from ages 5 – 24 from all backgrounds, who are willing to aim high to achieve their goals. We work with schools, higher institutions, skill acquisition partners, and reputable firms to offer mentoring opportunities, internships, and job creation opportunities amongst others to inspire young people to achieve their full potential. Our Council of Trustees oversees the work of the Foundation, setting its strategy and implementing the various initiatives of the Foundation.

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Volunteers are crucial in providing the support our boys and young men need, through a great network of volunteers and partners.

“Together we can raise great men, be part of this exciting and rewarding journey!”

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Our Partners

We believe long-term, impactful partnerships are central to achieving our mission. We work with reputable organizations and individuals in our quest to impact our world to make a difference.

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